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With Pacific Telephone, save up to 50% on Maryland inmate calls! Currently, Offender Connect contracts for prison call services by Maryland Department of Corrections. The cost of 15 minute in-state prison calls using Offender Connect is $4.50, with Out-of-State Calls costing $3.15. Pacific Telephone Call routing service along with Offender Connect, can legally cut the cost of Maryland Prison Calls to $1.40 for In or Out-of-State-Calls. To start your savings or for more information call 866.966.8655 or visit us at


  • 15 Minute In-State Call Using Offender Connect……………..$4.50
  • 15 Minute Out-State Call Using Offender Connect…………..$3.15
  • Any 15 Minute Call Using Offender Connect and Pacific….$1.40

Stop Missing Inmates’ Calls Using

Maryland Prison Call Blast Service!

With Maryland Prison Call Blast, we can send inmates phone calls from prison to 3 different telephone numbers (home, office, cell) at the same time.

In order to save money using the Pacific Telephone Call Routing Service, an inmate must call the local number we provided for them, by paying a local connection fee of $.50 with their commissary funds to Offender Connect to get a 15 Minute call out of the prison. Pacific then charges a fee of 6 Cents per minute (90 Cents) to (route) send the call to a loved ones cell or home phone resulting in a savings up to $2.10 per call.

Maryland Department of Corrections Mission

Maryland DOC’s mission is to keep communities safe so that all Marylanders can enjoy living and working in the state. We are achieving this through the increased security of our institutions and by supplying offenders and ex-offenders the tools necessary to stay out of the criminal justice system

About Pacific Telephone Company

The Pacific Telephone Company™ is registered with the (CAPUC) State of California Public Utilities Commission, Reg. No. #1110; the (FCC) Federal Communications Commission, Reg. No. FRN019494061, collects tariffs as required by the FCC Universal Service Fund E911 regulations, and the numbers we provide can be configured for global outbound long distance dialing capability to call any number, anywhere in the world if desired.

FCC Ruling Authorizing Cheap Inmate Calls

Pacific Telephone Company is not affiliated with Offender Connect or Maryland Department of Corrections, but can legally per a 2013 FCC ruling pursuant to FCC Docket Number DA 13-1990 provide call routing services that cuts the cost of Maryland Prison Calls as well as calls from any county jail or prison in Maryland and the United States.